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Small and Medium Scale Businesses possess valuable information, and ARE vulnerable to cyber-attacks, more then you think

Our Mission

In today's landscape, cyberattacks pose an inevitable risk for companies of all sizes, making preparedness a crucial necessity. However, smaller businesses often face the challenge of limited resources and budgetary constraints, leaving them vulnerable to various threats. Enter ONYX7, a game-changing solution that addresses this disparity. By establishing a robust and all-encompassing framework, we empower SMBs, SMEs, and managed service providers to access top-tier cybersecurity technologies that were once exclusive to larger enterprises. This groundbreaking approach ensures that best-of-breed, enterprise-grade protection is now within reach, offering comprehensive defense at a manageable scale and price point.

What We Offer

ONYX7 provides a versatile administration system that offers top-tier enterprise security to organizations of all sizes, regardless of their IT resources. Whether a company has just a handful of employees or no dedicated IT team at all, our solution ensures the highest levels of protection. Furthermore, managed service providers (MSPs) aspiring to become managed security service providers (MSSPs) can effortlessly utilize our technology to swiftly and seamlessly onboard their own clients. Businesses of any size can safeguard their most valuable assets without having to invest exorbitantly in security measures.

Image by Shubham Dhage
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